Dr. Ahmed Monkez Shaker

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Dr. Ahmed Monkez Shaker


Ahmed Monkez brings a wealth of experience and cultural understanding to bear when partnering with organizations to develop and implement Human Resources Strategic Management solutions and major change initiatives. He has consulted in both the public and private sectors with involvement in start-ups, mature organizations and mergers and acquisitions.
He worked with organizations to enable them to develop effective HRM infrastructure to support their business strategies and objectives.

Experience and Areas of expertise

A. Monkez is Chairman and MD of Misr for Management Development S.A.E. beside his role as Partner with Mazars (Ahmed Tawfik & Co.).
  • Monkez has joined Mazars (Ahmed Tawfik & Co.) as partner in January 2013 , responsible for Human Resources advisory services.He has been appointed, in October 2011 and for one year, as Human Resources Advisor within the team of the development office working with the Minister of Economy and Finance in Qatar.
  • Since November 2011 till October 2012 he has been representing the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the follow up and execution of the Governmental Resources program implemented by SAP in 46 governmental authorities.
  • Monkez worked (2006-2010) as a Human Resources Advisor to the Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA), (55,000 employees) and member in the management team for Establishing ETA.
    He was the Project Manager for the Human Resources Processes executed by Hay Group (July – September 2005) for establishing the Large Taxpayers Center – Ministry of Finance – Egypt.
  • Monkez has worked as an associate with Hay Group in the Middle East from 1999 till October 2011.
  • He is specialized in Emotional Intelligence Assessment, selecting and qualifying staff, and has executed many projects in cooperation with Hay Group for setting strategic plans and organizational structures as well as job analysis for leaders positions for Egyptian companies and multi-national organizations working in Egypt.
  • Since 1999 he has been managing and responsible for the Hay Group salary and benefits survey for the Egyptian Market in which the leading organizations from various business sectors in Egypt has participated annually. 217 organizations participated in this survey of 2011, which included 76,000 jobs. Monkez was appointed at ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) Egypt  as Human Resources Director from March 1993 till July 1998.
  • He started his career as an accountant in multinational companies since 1975 and till he joined ABB in 1993.

A. Monkez’s Education and Affiliations

Monkez holds a PhD in Human Resources Management from The American University in London (not accredited). The degree awarded for a thesis titled-
“Evaluate the Role of Human Resource Management in merger integration”
Case study implemented on (Income & Sales tax Authority merger in Egypt).
He obtained B. of Commerce – Major Accountancy – 1975 from Ain Shams University, Egypt.

Monkez is a member of The Egyptian Syndicate for Accountants and Auditors.

Monkez is a member of Board of Trustees of Misr International University (MIU), Egypt
In 2000 Monkez Has developed and taught a curriculum for capacity building profile, which helps students excel when joining the labor market.  He also taught Human Resources Management at the Faculty of Business Administration and International Trade years 2004 and 2005 and he was the financial advisor of the University from July 1996 till December 2002.

Monkez is a member of American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).