Monkez business networks HRDQ

HRDQ has been a trusted developer of experiential learning resources that help to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations.
Misr Management & Business Development S.A.E- Monkez has established a partnership with HRDQ to be an Authorized Reseller to market and sell HRDQ products.

HRDQ is a self-assessment tool to improve the skills of frontline employees, high ranking executives, and just about everyone in between in order to identify learning solutions.


HRDQ programs offered at Monkez

  1. What’s my leadership style?
  2. What’s my communication style?
  3. What’s my coaching style?
  4. What’s my time style?
  5. Conflict strategies
  6. Neurolinguistic communication profile
  7. Mastering the change curve
  8. Learning to listen
  9. Supervisory skills
  10. Negotiating style profile
  11. Interpersonal influence inventory
  12. Coaching skills inventory
  13. Matrix manager inventory
  14. Change reaction
  15. Personal style inventory
  16. Leading change in every action