The kit contains an M82 mic for kick drum, an M80-SH for snare drum, and three M81-SH mics for toms. The Telefunken marque has always been associated with quality sound and construction, so releasing a set of drum microphones didn’t seem to sit in with this high-end, normally vocal-microphone … Why you need the Telefunken DD5 Dynamic Drum Microphone Pack:The DD5 Drum Microphone Set is the perfect microphone set for drum recording and live performance applications. The four microphones in the DD4 kit are the M80-SHB – a shortened version of the Telefunken M80 handheld dynamic for use principally on snare; a pair of M81-SHs – this time based on the M81 handheld dynamic and principally for use on toms; and finally an M82 for kick drum. No other bass drum mic … After purchasing the Telefunken M82 it is almost a dead toss up for my personal mic preference depending on which size kick drum I'm using. The Telefunken drum-mic kit arrived to a small buzz of excitement in the studio. Additionally, a metal kick-drum mount, four metal, and four plastic drum mounts are included to help with secure mic … The DD5 Dynamic Drum Microphone Kit from Telefunken is designed to provide the tools you need for close miking a standard drum kit. It consists of the M82 handling kick drum … The ATM25--to my ear--is the best natural sounding bass drum mic ever, especially for bass drums with non-ported reso heads.