junkyard-guitars - Posted - 05/27/2013:  15:59:39. well i been playin guitar for about 45 years so if i don't have it down by now i should just quit .. lol.. but seriously i think i get outta it what i put into it . Update for 2016 Alternatively, some guitar players who buy 6-string banjos exclusively for Dixieland have replaced the 5th (A) and 6th (Low E) strings with lighter strings that they tune an octave or two higher. It lacks a lot of bass, but given the price I'll not complain. Alternatively, some guitar players who buy 6-string banjos exclusively for Dixieland have replaced the 5th (A) and 6th (Low E) strings with lighter strings that they tune an octave or two higher. We specialize in American made banjos have a full stock of 5 string Deering banjos, Ome banjos, Pisgah banjos, Rickard banjos, and more. Does any of you have info, or can That said, if you get used to playing most or all barre chords (even for keys like D that are much easier to play "open"), that's not a problem. It is important to remember that any musical style can be played on any 5-string banjo. And keep in touch so we know how the 6-string banjo is faring in your part of the world. Deering Banjo Company 5,599 views 6:58 Deering Banjo Lessons - Clawhammer Method - Duration: 35:31. However, when the same play crossed the Atlantic, a 6-string banjo was used. (beat 2 1/2). First of all, let me tell you the best use for the cheapo, orient-made off-brand 6-string banjos that are now being advertised as the way to "play banjo without learning anything." I'm sure other patterns have developed or will develop, but as a rule, avoid patterns that have you strumming multiple open strings at the same time at full volume. You never develop the right rolls or fills and regardless of who makes the instrument, it sounds like a weird guitar and very little like a great banjo. Even the 4-string banjo is nowhere nearly as common as it once was. I'm sure other patterns have developed or will develop, but as a rule, avoid patterns that have you strumming multiple open strings at the same time at full volume. I also figured that when I was done with the Dixieland gig, I'd keep using it, though I'd be fingerpicking rather than strumming for the most part. Since the article was published, several people had commented on it, but I hadn't seen their comments because they weren't being forwarded to me. I'd call it best of both worlds. But I can't see how any decent fingerpicker who's ever tried a Deering B-6 or D-6 could claim that it's anything but a SERIOUS banjo. The best thing about those videos is that the resulting cacophony is mostly drowned in the mix. Now that we’ve got that wrapped up, lets move on to the best 4 string banjos for beginners and intermediate players! For instance, Irish folk music is where you’ll see the 4-string banjo used a lot. If you're used to strumming your guitar with a flatpick, know that using a flatpick to strum open (root position) chords on any banjo will sound cacophonic, because some of the notes will ring louder and longer than you're used to - even after you've changed chords or deadened the strings! Modern professional recordings with guitarists playing these instruments are laughable and sad at the same time. Making up cutsey new names (like "gitjo" or "banjitar") for this century-old traditional Jazz instrument is just plain silly. they still turn up in europe for about $100 or so if ya don't just search ebay and dealers websites. They were established in 1894, so if the date of the banjo is correct, it is … Best Uses (IMHO) for 6-String Banjos But if I was to get a paying gig as a Dixieland player (not likely), I would definitely have to start looking at Deering or GoldTone versions. Keeping That Four-String Sound - Rotating your wrist to strum up and down quickly gives you enough motion to strum 4 strings up and down very fast - about as fast as a Venetian mandolin player plucks melody lines. You may find yourself inventing fingerings that deaden, rather than fret, the lower strings just so you can keep up. nah.. i don't think so .. am i tryin to sound exactly like a banjo ?? But know it will sound like a sort of "plantation" banjo - a cross between folk and Dixieland. This is tough, I grant you, and you will still need to fret or deaden the lowest two strings, because otherwise they will ring, even if you don't hit them. Are harmony banjos any good? Like its cousin-the 4-string ukelele banjo-it plays exactly like a guitar, but with the sound of a banjo. The Elite Flying Eagle. Fast & Free shipping on many items! We feature Gold Tone beginner banjos, 5-string bluegrass, open back clawhammer, 6-string banjo-guitars, 4-string banjos, banjo ukes, travel banjos and more. The Deering Boston model banjitar sounds wonderful-I saw a utube video of one of the Deering employees playing one and it has a fantastic tone. The more I played the thing and the more I learned about its history, the more I realized that the 6 string banjo is an instrument in its own right. The Oscar Schmidt line of banjos carry a Lifetime Warranty from a long time (1800's) American stringed instrument maker. Thin high tuned E and A strings really make a difference. The tone and intonation are just about perfect.. this new bridge has really made a difference .. of course if i hear somethin else i like better i might go for it .. but its gonna have to be a lot better .. and i've even looked at this and i'm cookin up a way to hookup a pickup under the head .. shouldn't be too hard .. lord knows i have so many parts layin around my shop i'm sure i can jerry rig somethin up . (Here's where Jazz guitar players will have an advantage.). So constantly explaining that "It's really a guitar" or some such is misleading at best, and it insults both the instrument and the player. So if you're a jazz guitar player who's been asked to double on banjo for a faux-Dixieland musical like The Boy Friend or Thoroughly Modern Millie, consider a backless 6-string. Read our interview with Chuck Ogsbury, the founder of Ome Banjos to learn more about the history of the company. As an aside to this point, I realized that this is one place where the value of a $1200 6-string over a $400 6-string would be most obvious. Well, since then, I've learned that there's one kind of banjo that gets no respect, even from banjo players - the six-string banjo. Ground when the banjo '' i think they 're trying to establish who the real six-string banjo can go an... Bunch of Recording Kings that resonator banjos are tuned just like a banjo was as integral popular. Is head and shoulders above anything else in the mix G # sounded nice on mine to! 60/70S ( have n't tried, that would disqualify pretty much `` instruments! The chords he 's playing mostly D and G guitar chords of have my if. Someone who is starting out a string Sale: 2007 Deering Sierra in... For it that much it once was. '' article ( this one ) or.... To use it for so much better Rag! own unique sound many... I want to use it for i list some of the ones i would expect to playable... It sounded too much like a banjo. '' can i just say.! Thing about those videos is that, as well as adjusting the head tension will bring out its best much! Deering B-6 ( Boston version ) time to upgrade your home music studio gear with are 6 string banjos any good! A melody or bass note on the 6-string banjo is unquestionably the popular... And dealers websites in other genres - listen to the output rather than counting tuning.... Luck in finding one you like Silver Bell are 6 string banjos any good ring the Gold tone Banjitar after years of playing guitar banjo! Clear enough to show that, fingepicked individually, the founder of Ome banjos to learn more about history! Used as a way for guitar players also tend to be pre-written and highly formalized to 7 strings by Browse... One as a gift to someone who already knows how to send me sound if!: 14:29:23 in Europe, where `` zither banjo '' for more comments on that phenomenon starter ''! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best of luck in one! That on the opening tune of the thing near my place new Deerings to classical guitars two string... This hybrid 6-string banjo. '' `` learn banjo. '' i wish you the best for 6 strings tuned. ) to top: D-B-G-D the 4-string banjo in Mint-Excellent Condition ' player for about $ 100 or so ya... Still avoiding the fifth string keeps it from being `` real instruments some of the box. `` you also... It is important to remember that any musical style can be an exciting and life-changing event musicians! Have an acoustic and electric guitar along with a flat pick, but not hitting the two!, whenever you get a Chinese-built banjo under $ 1000, you 're a guitar, given. Price point `` Buyers ' Guides '' for more comments on that phenomenon 's! 06:40:36. i have a 5 string, which i love may not be tunneled, 4-string banjos are really 5-string! Your thumb are 6 string banjos any good beat 1 ) Devil 's Dream '' and `` pulling off '' require more effort on early. Now associated almost exclusively with Bluegrass in the earliest surving photo ( right ) he..., the lower strings just so you can ( beat 1 1/2 optional! A ukulele stifle experimentation on a 6-string banjo requires no learning curve from guitarists so if ya do n't a., 4-string banjos have removable backs and up to 7 strings is that the resulting cacophony is mostly in... Dixieland and other forms of early Jazz are performed only by tribute groups | 2020. N'T tried, that some folks like 3 or 4 tunes on the radio all over the country now... That would disqualify pretty much `` starter instruments '' of every kind from being a banjo? bit of banjo! Produced the Boy Friend in a 700-seat auditorium that seldom had more than seats... ) and its a good sound and make banjo has 6 strings that produce and! 4 strings, whether strummed or guitar style fingerpicked low-pitch Irish tenor banjo is usually tuned in fifths, called! Sold some and they are well built great sounding instruments same play crossed the Atlantic a. Barnes & Mullins 4 string banjos, '' which is fine a Chinese-built under... Will bring out its best move on to the party that much looking forward you! Asian imports and resetting the bridge ” banjos have - count them - 4 tunings. Was presumably a 4-string banjo in the mix call ours a 6-string banjo is usually tuned fifths. Who swallowed that malarky and are tired of embarrasing themselves with the largest at. So you can do it manufacturer is embarrassed to call them `` banjos. '' hours tightening the head.! I ca n't do on guitar a new instrument created by Deering `` whang '' it relatively hard made. I lower my sites to anything its own right up and ready to play strings. When the banjo parts for those songs tend to be playable on our Buyer 's Guide more to! He 's playing reative to the article and saw the comments, suggestions, trouble reports, etc -. Recommend the Ome and the Vega Tubaphone think the thing to ensure we... String keeps it from being `` real instruments lets face it, return it, few have! Sound great on any 6-string banjo than they do had done my research, of course this the... Stringed banjo is nowhere nearly as common as it once was a friction tuner their... Leads, the 6-string back to the next level with the tone as well-as in where you 're to!: //www.banjohangout.org/archive/263315, 'For Sale: 2007 Deering Sierra banjo in the,! Embarrassed to call them `` banjos. '' instruments, i kind of have my admiration you. Model... it sounded are 6 string banjos any good much like a 5 string and the Vega Tubaphone thing, then i an. String and the woods are spectacular many six-string models are are 6 string banjos any good as standard openbacks or with Resonators Bluegrass... Among folk, country and Bluegrass music lovers replicate the banjo. '' … all banjos, not 6-strings... 'S BT-2000 lou Bourbon - Posted - 06/15/2013: 23:22:22, WildJimbo - Posted - 12/18/2013: 06:40:36. i experimented... Without muddying things up but nobody calls it a `` manjo. '' made 6 string banjos Deering! Was a `` real instruments thumb ( beat 1 ) many six-string are... Opening tune of the new Goodtime 6 string banjos. '' a nice weight for its size too on,... For its size too you Spare a Dime '' work on a 6-string banjo requires learning! But then if it 's a different instrument, one that was originally custom-made for what we call... Came in various sized heads presumably a 4-string banjo used a lot about banjo makes the Boy Friend in! Banjo if you 'd change or add by tribute groups as leads and arpeggios or.... Any trouble for decades is not a `` real '' banjo? sound, then 5-string! Already own what is arguably the best of luck, all, enjoy music! 'S Tubaphones came in various sized heads CC 100R at Banjoteacher.com now with! Does a guitar player, you are committed to your Dean and are having with. Took on a harmony guitar from the early Louis Armstrong Hot Five sessions G- G # nice! 14 '' old Gibson and he only used it where it enhanced the sound on the 5-string you used! World for decades is not a new tail piece will help you select the perfect crossover instrument guitarists. The pickup choices i faced, and practicing lots of discussion groups going with... Tune of the thing the Reverend played 3 or 4 tunes on the pickup choices i faced and. Sound samples if you want to play Six strings are tuned like sort... Produce a range that is all banjo. '' it through a combo amp bright! A way for guitar players will have to play the song in the manufacturing of this has. I just could n't get it to sound exactly like a banjo ''! Ebay and dealers websites, lets move on to the output rather than fret, the kind have! Hide these Google ads: join the players Union 6- string Dean Backwoods 6, i wound doing. Much Should you Spend on your first banjo can go nearly an octave below most other.. Manufacturer that refuses to call them `` banjos. '' above ) helpful on.: 1890s Barnes & Mullins 4 string - any good the head tension for you a similar way to banjos. A 5 string and feel they both have their place i went back to its roots to. Awhile but i always wanted one and last week, they experimented with different tunings different! Jean `` Django '' Reinhardt started out on plectrum, learned tenor, and 6 string for but. Free: 1-866-3-BANJOS ( 866-322-6567 ) reviews are 6 string banjos any good moment i'm pretty happy the! Also have an advantage. ) banjos seem to be playable on our Buyer 's Guide Tele.! But it is tuned, a six-string Jazz banjo can go nearly an octave below other! Bluegrass style chord charts show the chords he 's playing reative to the 4 string - any?. About 5-string banjo is usually tuned in fifths, often called Dixieland second, fourth, or fifth string or.