We work with MIU effectively to contribute in developing competences and skills that help to close the gap between the job market needs and the available human resources.

All our programs are endorsed by MIU to guarantee the quality of programs we offer.

Since 2001 we have been working with MIU in developing a 3 credit hour Interpersonal Skills Development curriculum.

The course tailored for MIU undergraduates’ students to:

    • Provide them with essential tools and skills that will support and help them to meet the challenges they will face in work life.
    • Enhance competencies and skills, to differentiate them among other graduates in the labor market.
    • Identify One’s self (Self Awareness).
    • Learn to set personal and professional goals (Goal Setting).
    • Learn to manage time in personal and professional settings (Time management).
    • Understand how to communicate effectively (Effective communication).
    • Learn how to clearly present in front of a group (Presentation skills).

Since MIU was established, it has been committed to academic distinction and quality education.

MIU is fully aware of the importance of opening up to the world, giving their graduates the chance to prepare themselves for entry into the global workforce.

MIU is committed to provide the necessary skills & knowledge for tomorrow’s professionals.

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