Monkez business networks Onyx

Onyx is an innovative consultancy that focuses on working with high-growth businesses and investors to co-create rapid growth. They work with clients to analyses the competitive landscape and internal drivers of growth; looking across the whole business: from their strategy and operations, focusing on how to execute their plans, and ultimately to how they select, manage and lead their talent. Onyx works with their clients every step of the way, treating their business as though it were their own, to help design and implement a plan to navigate the many challenges of realizing fast paced growth. Monkez has partnered with Onyx as we have complementary products and services that allow us to provide a wider range of offerings to help entrepreneurs and business leaders of SMEs to grow their businesses more effectively.

Onyx has established itself as a management consultancy that is redefining the industry. They take a consultative approach, working collaboratively with clients to both designs as well as help implement their plans. They do this by attracting and developing exceptional people who build trusted advisor relationships with business leaders, enabling us to truly partner with clients in co-creating their future success.