“As the process of formulating and implementation of strategies and policies that aim to reward people fairly, equitably and constantly in accordance with their value to the organization”

Armstrong and Murlis

Reward management is a motivational tool used in appreciating employees on the efforts contributed to the organization.
Reward Managements is an organization’s tool to achieve a highly committed business environment and its overall business goal.

In the new very fast changing business world, line managers are often called upon to act in roles known to be filled by human resources professionals. Line managers are communicating usually about benefits, pay ranges, performance management & Measurements and job design (job description).

It is always recommended that line managers are the best to communicate with their subordinates about reward. The reason is that people trust their bosses more than anyone else in the organization.

Line managers must be able to take and play a key role in attracting, training, motivating and empowering their employees.

With this reward program the objectives are to help line managers to become more effective at motivating employees to keep them more supportive and productive when dealing with their organization and the labor market as a whole.

We believe that there is a big demand and need to engage and inform line managers about how to manage and reward their employees effectively to improve organization performance and to achieve it’s objectives.