Monkez Roundabout program why Roundabout?

Why Roundabout Management Course?

Every day we are faced with the demands of roundabout thinking and are required to make difficult decisions to move forward. This course will contribute to the growth of your capabilities and competencies and allow you to enhance your quality of life through achievement, success and discovering your own potentials. With newly acquired skills you may explore Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship will yield to employers and employees more opportunities for success in the business society.


We aim to motivate and empower undergraduates, young adults and professionals to effectively cope with present and future business challenges both professionally and socially through interactive training that inspires them to make a difference through entrepreneurship.

We encourage the young generation to adopt thought-changing and life changing approaches which create new opportunities in the business field for both employees and employers. All of the training programs are delivered by a core team of committed staff who are passionate about the potential of young people being the best they can be.

Assessments Tools:

Experiential Learning Demonstration Application with screening exercise Application with Key performance indicators “KPI” exercise Games Role-Plays. Action Plan:follow up will be by facilitator within 6-8 weeks.


This program aims to support the new generation and experienced professionals to be motivated and empowered to meet present and future challenges. This program is designed based on the blended solutions which includes Training and Interaction, Coaching, Knowledge exchange, Assignment, Assessment, & Feedback.

The program is built-up based on 3 Pillars which are the core of the program: